Search Box Optimization compared to standard sEO and pPC

The future of online marketing is here.

As a new technology, Autocomplete or Search Box Optimization is many times more effective compared to what the market knows as search engine optimization, or SEO.  However, when examining search results, there is little similarity.  


Think of Autocomple or Search Box Optimization as SEO on steroids. The differences are vast and will allow a business to dominate their market and their industry. PPC still has a place in your marketing though.

Autocomplete Agency

  • Fixed cost per month and No Results No Pay policy that dominates your competition.
  • Compatible with the current website – requires little or no access.
  • Consistent results month-on-month. If your keyword is missing in any month, due to algorithm changes, you won't pay.
  • Shuts out your competition from the first page of Google and Bing, and the top of the videos list in YouTube.
  • Takes approximately 30-90+ days to be fully operational, possibly quicker on Bing & YouTube.
  • Will attain up to all 10 organic spots on the 1st page of Google and Bing, even rolling onto the 2nd page with sufficient citations. Your YouTube videos are at the top of search returns.
  • Brand awareness for your business in the autocomplete box.
  • Exclusive rights to your own chosen keywords - no double selling.
  • Users perceive higher authority due to your business's autocomplete appearance.
  • Higher ROI due to faster results, higher click-through, and lower monthly costs.
  • Includes all elements of standard SEO, but with a focus - on blogs, press releases, videos, social media, backlinks, and directories
  • Focused on organic listings - 60-70%  usage by online searchers.


  • Can cost thousands of dollars per month just to keep up with the competition, with no guarantees of success.
  • Requires constant changes to optimize the website as well as social media.
  • Results can change from day to day; your competition is doing the same thing as you.
  • Allows consumers to see your competition on the first page of Google, YouTube, and Bing.
  • Can take 6-8 months, maybe longer, to get just one spot on the 1st page, if that.
  • May attain one spot on the first page of Google, YouTube, and Bing.
  • No appearance in the auto-complete - no brand awareness - no perception of authority.
  • Results may regress if competition improves it's SEO.
  • Reduced ROI due to higher costs, fewer click-throughs, and more competition.
  • Cannot honestly guarantee results.
  • SEO results are affected by algorithm updates. 

The bottom line ...


Search-Box-Optimization (SBO) is far superior, and more cost-effective, to standard SEO and PPC. 


SBO is the equivalent of a Google PPC campaign, with an unlimited budget, but without the hassle of a PPC campaign. And no competitors! You have exclusive use of the keyword as no one else can get it.


   SBO gives your business superior search results - 10 spots on the first page versus 1 spot for standard SEO - making it much easier for users to click on your information and become highly targeted customers.


SBO will yield a higher ROI than standard SEO and PPC due to lower costs and higher click-throughs.  And, SBO gives you consistency - in results and costs.


When considering your next step in online marketing, or even if you already utilize SEO or PPC, let us help you succeed in a better, more productive, and more profitable way.


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